Aciya. 27 to-be. Bhello


Salam peeps.

So, we are here, the third quarter of the year 2017. Phew. So cepat masa berlalu. Rasa macam baru semalam update azam 2017. kahkah.

Good things happen, so do bad. Honestly, these past few weeks, macam-macam perkara terjadi. It's funny how people claimed that they're happy, they won't fight over you, they know everything about you, they know your past, just to cari pasal with you.
Just to make you down.
Just to make you depressed.
Just to make you felt insecure.

Memang marah. Memang rasa nak cari gaduh balik. Memang rasa nak balas balik. Memang rasa nak doa yang tak baik. Memang rasa nak berdendam. Tapi kalau diikutkan amarah ni, takkan kemana. I'll be the same level with them. Kan?

Luckily, thanks to you,

Sokongan awak.
Kematangan awak.
Kepercayaan awak.
Kata-kata semangat awak.
Your posts. 
Your notes.
Your reminder.
Your calmness.

Sifat awak, baik buat taktau je orang camni. Jangan dilayan. Kan? hewhew

Without doing much,
I know, You're a keeper.